Strategic Plan

TuscBDD created the Vision 2020 Strategic Plan based on evidence gathered through the TuscBDD 2017 Community Survey as well as through several community events. In September of 2017, TuscBDD held Three Community Summits. These community gatherings were designed to enable TuscBDD and community members to share information, ideas, and stories to help shape TuscBDD’s plan for the next three years. We called this effort Vision 2020. TuscBDD invited hundreds of stakeholders, staff, and Board Members to participate in fun and engaging conversation activities. Representatives from TuscBDD presented information regarding various services. Next, we asked attendees many questions to gain insight. We concluded with asking them to envision the future and come up with their top three hopes and aspirations for people living with developmental disabilities. What we learned from these events led us to develop the Vision 2020 Strategic Plan for years 2018-2020.

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Vision 2020