School Age Options Age 6-22

The Starlight School Age Program is an educational placement for students in grades kindergarten through 12th grade who qualify for services through an Evaluation Team Report (ETR). The program provides necessary supports for students to participate in the general curriculum to the greatest extent possible. The curriculum is driven by student needs as determined through assessment and the Ohio Learning Content Standards – Extended. Classes focus on academics, social skills, self-care skills, life skills, and communication.

These students have multiple disabilities or are considered medically fragile and require an environment this is more restrictive than a public school setting. Local school districts place their students in this school placement because it offers intense educational opportunities, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy for students facing multiple challenges.

School Age - Objectives
• Allow students to reach their full potential by providing learning opportunities both within the classroom and the community
• To maximize each student's unique learning ability through differentiated teaching and the implementation of assistive technology.
• To provide an enriching environment where students' can become excited about learning.
• To provide opportunities for learning in an atmosphere that fosters independence.
• To provide students with vocational and independent living experiences to prepare them for their future.

School Age – Staff
Our teachers and classroom assistants are licensed through the Ohio Department of Education and participate in on-going training in the field of education. Specialists/therapists meet the specific qualifications and licenses of the Ohio Department of Education and their specific disciplines and participate in ongoing training in their field.