Provider FAQs

How do I become a certified waiver provider?

The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (ODODD) must certify agencies and/or individuals that provide Home and Community Based Waivers (HCBS) and Supported Living (SL). Provider Certification is the focal point for evaluating applications to determine if an applicant meets the standards that govern the HCBS Waiver and SL. Applications are reviewed on an individualized basis and must include specific qualifications and/or documentation to support how the applicant meets or exceeds the service requirements. Providers certified to deliver Medicaid services will receive a Medicaid number necessary to obtain reimbursement. Becoming a certified provider does not mean that the provider is an employee of the State of Ohio, the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities or of the provider’s local County Board of Developmental Disabilities. Providers are independent business owners who are certified to provide services to individuals on a Level One (L1), Independent Options (IO) or Self Empowered Life Funding (SELF) Medicaid Waiver. Certified providers are responsible for contacting the local county boards of developmental disabilities to advise them of their certification. If selected to deliver services through the HCBS waiver and/or the SL program, providers will contract directly with the county board. An individual or agency is prohibited from providing any service until certification is obtained from the ODODD.


How do I obtain clients?

 Once you are certified, any individual receiving Supported Living, Individual Options waiver, Level One waiver, SELF waiver or Family Resources from a Board of DD may request your services. The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (ODODD) strives to assure that each individual is given free choice of provider. ODODD allows certified providers to post their certification status on its web page. ODODD certification is valid statewide, but you must indicate prospective service counties on ODODD’s certification application. Providers are solely responsible for the accuracy of their online information. You should also contact TuscBDD and request to be added to the Provider List. Once on the list, you will begin to receive Service Requests which is the primary means of communicating the desire to obtain a provider. Receipt of ODODD certification does not guarantee selection as a service provider.


How do I obtain the required 8 hours of training to become a certified provider?

You can obtain the training required to become a certified provider either in the classroom or online. Below are some options available to you for receiving the required training:

  • The Academy of Direct Support Professionals – This is a classroom setting that is an 8 hour training session scheduled on one Saturday per month from 9-5:30. The location will be identified on the Academy’s website. The initial certification class will be offered monthly; the renewal certification class will be offered once per quarter. The cost of the training is $50. If you are in need of only the Annual Training requirements (Role and responsibilities of independent provider with regard to services including person-centered planning, community integration, self-determination, self-advocacy, and positive culture Rights of Individuals Rule 5123:2-17-02 including Health and Welfare Alerts issued by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities - also covers alerts issued within the past 12 months), those will be in the afternoon session from 1:30-5:30pm, at a cost of $25. If you choose to pay at the door there is a $5 additional fee for each session that you are registered to attend. Go to and click on the Browse list of Current Seminars or Classes tab. The course section will be Provider Initial Certification Training.
  • – This is an online training option. The entire 8 hour course will cost $60 (Option 1). They also offer Annual Training Requirements at a cost of $60 (Option 2). Go to the DD Professionals Tab to purchase the classes.
  • The Training Center through OACB – This in an online training option. The entire 8 hour course will cost $95 (Course 116). They also offer Annual Training Requirements course at a cost of $95 for the eight (8) hours of continuing education (Course 124). Go to and click on The Training Center link.

Additional website/training options:

  • - This link will give you information about various trainings that are offered by DODD and other agencies.
  • – This link is Northwest Ohio Waiver Administration Center. The cost is $100.
  • – This link is for Clearwater Council of Government. They also offer Positive Culture and Self-Determination courses online. The cost is $90 for the eight hours of training.
  • - This is a correspondence course that offers both Initial and Renewal trainings. The cost is $60.
  • – This link is Delaware County Board of DD. They offer MUI/UI and DD Bill of Rights Training online.
  • - This link is Franklin County Board of DD. They offer MUI/UI and DD Bill of Rights training


Note: TuscBDD does not recommend or endorse any service provider

How do I obtain First Aid and CPR training for waiver certification?

American Red Cross

1451 Fourth St. NW

New Philadelphia, OH  44683



Where can I get my annual UI/MUI training?

  • The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD),, 1-800-617-6733
  • Mid-East Ohio Regional Council (MEORC),, 740-397-4733, 740-439-0666
  • Tuscarawas County Board of Developmental Disabilities (TuscBDD), 610 Commercial Avenue SW, New Philadelphia, OH  44663, 330-339-9661,


How do I obtain a criminal background check?

  • Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification & Investigation, 1560 SR 56, SW / P.O. Box 365, London, OH 43140, (740) 845-2000,
  • Tuscarawas County Board of Developmental Disabilities Services (TuscBDD), 610 Commercial Avenue SW, New Philadelphia, OH  44663, Lynn Angelozzi, Human Resources Coordinator, (330) 339-9753, Hours: 7:30 am-4:00pm (the cost for BCI and FBI fingerprints are: BCI: $27.00, FBI: $24.00, please call ahead for an appointment and bring the necessary forms with you).


  •  Applicants who have never lived in Ohio require an FBI check
  • Applicants who have lived in Ohio from 1 day to 5 years require both BCI & FBI check
  • Applicants who lived in Ohio for more than 5 years require a BCI check only.

How do I obtain a Driving Record Abstract?

The Driving Record Abstract may not be more than two weeks old. There are three (3) methods for obtaining a driving record:

To obtain a prior 3-year driving record of violations and accident regarding any person, you can connect to the Ohio BMV Website.

Method 1 – On the BMV Website (No charge)

This will be an “unofficial” copy of your driving record abstract. This should be obtained no more than 14 days prior to sending your collateral certification paperwork to ODODD. To obtain this abstract, you will go to and look in the Online Driving Records section clicking on “View an Unofficial Copy of your Driving Record”. This will then take you to a choice screen. You will then follow the instructions to view your unofficial copy. Please include a copy of your driver’s license to indicate that this report corresponds with the driver’s license number on the record.

Method 2 - By mail (Cost $2.00)

To obtain a prior 3-year driving record of violations and accidents regarding any person, it is necessary to submit the full name, address, date of birth, social security number, and driver license number along with other information requested on form BMV 1173 - Record Request Form. If inquiring about another individual's driving record, form BMV 5008 - Notarized Written Consent Release of Personal Information must be also be completed, notarized, and submitted with form BMV 1173 - Record Request Form. There is a fee of $2.00 for each driving record request. Make check payable to the "Ohio Treasurer” Allow 14-21 days to process.

Method 3 - At a local deputy registrar license agency (Cost $5.50)

Deputy Registrars have the ability to issue copies of driving records (driver license abstracts) at branch license agency offices throughout Ohio. Driving records may only be obtained by qualified individuals. License agency customers may purchase driving records for themselves; for others, upon written consent; and for other individuals who qualify to receive driving record information.

A driver license abstract contains an individual's three-year record of violations and accidents. Form BMV 5713 (Driver Abstract Request) must be completed in order to receive a driver license record. This form can be obtained at any local deputy registrar license agency location. An individual inquiring regarding himself or herself:

(Complete Part A) If inquiring in person for information on yourself, you must provide personal information regarding yourself and prove your identity by presenting your driver license or identification card.

An individual inquiring regarding another person:

(Complete Parts A and B) If inquiring regarding another individual, you must attach a notarized form BMV 5008 - Notarized Written Consent Release of Personal Information granting the written consent of the person.


Check applicable reason for request on back of form BMV 5713 (Driver Abstract Request) and present all required identification and complete Parts A and B. There is a fee of $5.50 for each driving record request. This cost includes information returned on a driving record request that does not match the information provided or is not found in the computer database. Make check or money order payable to the "Ohio Treasurer."


How much am I paid as a waiver provider?

The rate of pay will depend upon the service provided. See OAC 5123:2-9 and reference the particular service in question. Typically the fee schedule is identified in an Appendix for each service.


How do I contact ODODD?

Provider Relations may be reached at (800) 617-6733 and listen for the available options or you may obtain information on ODODD’s website


How do I bill?

You will receive online billing instructions from ODODD with your certification letter. ODODD conducts billing training on a regular basis. The training dates can be found by going to and click on Training link. The DODD website also offers Power Point presentations on several billing topics. These can be found on the Provider page, under Billing & Claims then go to Billing Resources.


Do I need to document my services?

You must document your services in a manner that complies with federal and state rules and regulations. Contact Provider Support at 1-800-617-6733

How long do I keep my documentation?

Providers of services shall maintain all service documentation for a period of six years from the date of receipt of payment for those services or until an initiated audit is resolved, whichever is longer.


If You're Interested in Opening a Group Home

The Tuscarawas County Board of Developmental Disabilities does not license group homes. Ohio no longer licenses new group homes for people with developmental disabilites. We do not expect any new development of “group homes” in the near future. Individuals with developmental disabilities currently get the residential services and supports they need in their own homes; however, occasionally vacancies occur in licensed facilities. Individuals typically live with family members or roommates or by themselves (as funding allows).

An individual chooses a home/apartment, condominium, duplex or house where he or she wants to live and the people with whom he or she will live (as funding and statue allows). An individual also selects a service provider from a list of certified providers. If you are interested in starting a group home in your home, you can contact the Ohio Department of Health, which licenses adult care facilities and adult care homes, at (614) 466-7713. Such homes provide personal care services and supervision to all vulnerable adults, not just those with developmental disabilities. You can also call the Area Agency on Aging at (800) 258-7277 about adult care foster homes.

Problem/Solution – Who to Contact

Security Support 1-800-617-6733,

  • Issues with Security Affidavit
  • Issues with username or password
  • Locked out of system

Provider Support 1-800-617-6733,

  • There are error codes on billing cycle
  • Any questions regarding BILLING
  • You have adjustments (zero out billing)
  • How to bill Patient Liability
  • File status shows a bad file
  • Need a check reissued, Check voided due to age,  Check lost in mail (2 weeks from issuance)
  • Haven’t received check/EFT - Check Provider Weekly Reports to see if one was issued then contact Provider Support 

PAS online - Contact the county that issued the PAWS to get it resolved

  • Issues with PAS enrollment
  • Questions about recipient PAS Rates

Provider Certification 1-800-617-6733 option 3,

  • Any certification questions
  • Certification packet info
  • Denials (914 or 919)
  • Haven’t provided services for over a year

  • Patient Liability issues and questions

EFT (electronic funds transfer)

Mail to: Ohio Shared Services

PO Box 182880

Columbus, OH 43218

Ohio Shared Services 1-877-644-6771

  • Haven’t received a 1099 or it’s wrong


 EDI (electronic data interchange)

  • Issues with uploading flat files and 837 files
  • Questions about NPI

  • Address and name changes

Who do I notify that I want to work in Tuscarawas County?

If interested in being placed on the Provider List, contact: Kyle Wells, Service & Support Administration Supervisor, Tuscarawas County Board of Developmental Disabilities.

  • 610 Commercial Ave. SW, New Philadelphia, OH  44663
  • (330) 339-9661 phone
  • (330) 339-7539 fax

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