Mission and Vision


The Vision of TuscBDD is for a community that recognizes the importance and potential of all citizens.


The Mission of TuscBDD is to enhance the lives of individuals with disabilities through quality services and community partnerships.


Quality of Life:  Defined by the person, and identifies interests, preferences and desired life for the person supported and assure it is in balance with, but not controlled by, what others believe are necessary health, safety, and valued social roles of the person.

Language:  All language demonstrates dignity of, and respect for, the person involved and is easily understood by everyone.

Culture of Strengths and Abilities:  Everything starts with the strengths, talents, capabilities and contributions that have been, and can be, made by everyone involved and focuses on what is positive and productive.

Collaborative:  Contributions from everyone hold equal value and responsibility is shared.  Encourages creativity in the design and delivery of services.

Results Based:  Supports are designed to achieve results that are purposeful and meaningful to the person's life.

Practical:  Seeks a balance between quality of life and the boundaries of public resources, understanding that limited fiscal resources must be responsibly administered to support, but not replace, relationships with family/friends.  Everyone works to promote natural connections in neighborhoods and communities and only address those areas where the person wants involvement from the system. Adopted:  May 19, 2014


People First


TuscBDD is required annually to provide each individual who elects to receive TuscBDD services and supports with a copy of the Client Bill of Rights and the agency's procedure for the administrative resolution of complaints. Although these documents are provided to individuals annually, anyone interested in receiving a copy of either of these documents may do so by calling 330-308-7173.

TuscBDD or its service providers do not discriminate in the provision of services or employment on the basis of race, color, sex, age, national origin or disability.