Family Mentorship

Find Your Network of Support

A Family Mentor is the caregiver to a person with a developmental disability who is available to help families by sharing experiences, information, and support. Mentors share on a variety of topics that could include conversations about: Navigating the DD system, finding helpful resources, and parenting a child with a developmental disability. Connecting with a mentor is easy and can be done by simply calling, texting, or emailing the mentor of your choice. To learn more about each mentor and how to connect, download the TuscBDD Family Mentorship Brochure


Stephanie is the mother of three young girls. Her oldest daughter communicates without speaking and uses assistive devices throughout her day. She has experience in navigating Medicaid, finding childcare, and balancing work-life. She also has experience with adoption & foster care.  Cell Phone: 330-575-7928


Chris is the mother of two adult sons, the youngest having complex medical needs and I/DD. Her experience as a mother led her to a career where she provided direct support to people for many years. Her experiences brought her to her current position where she advocates and supports families using a well-rounded and empathetic perspective for the challenges that families face. Phone: 330-339-9769, Email:


Donna is married with two adult sons; her youngest son was born with Down Syndrome. Her journey through Early Intervention, public school, and school to work programs provide her with ample knowledge on how to smoothly transition from one phase of life to the next. Additionally, Donna has worked in the public school system for many years as a paraprofessional within the Autism Unit. Phone Number: 330-339-7349, cell Phone 330-432-2224


Nancy and Chuck enjoy providing shared living services for two adults with developmental disabilities. They have experience in fostering and caring for adults that are in need of a home and family. They are knowledgeable in topics such as Medicaid, job training, and adult services. "Shared living is a great opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities, but more importantly, they make a huge difference in our lives."  Cell Phone: 330-340-4129, Email:


Nick and Alexis are the parents to three young children. Their journey with pre-term twins gave them extensive knowledge in complex medical needs, adaptive equipment, communication devices, Early Intervention, IEPs, advocacy and more! They help other families successfully maneuver through the many resources available for young children with complex needs through their involvement with multiple parent support efforts.  Nick- Cell Phone: 724-980-6777, Email: & Alexis- Phone: 330-308-7176,


Tammy is the mother to young boy with Autism. She has experience with Early Intervention. Phone 330-243-4449