TuscBDD welcomes and supports multiple advocacy groups for adults and school age youth in Tuscarawas County. Each group consists of people who meet regularly to explore and share ways to meet a need and to empower themselves and others to become more independent. 

Current Advocacy Groups:

The Tuscarawas County Advocates Council (TCAC) is a group of adult members who receive supports from a number of residential and day habilitation providers and are involved in advocacy in order to become active members of their community. The TCAC enjoys learning new things, sharing experiences with the membership and visiting staff.  Guest speakers are often invited to share information and opportunities available within our communities The group enjoys visiting local points of interest as well as fundraising for worthy causes in our area. The TCAC currently meets monthly at the TuscBDD Service and Support Center and meetings are posted on the TuscBDD website. 

TuscBDD and Special Olympics firmly believe in athletes having a voice within the organization. This is done primarily through an Input Council that meets 1-2 times per month. Athletes discuss various topics of interest, ideas for the future, and ways to improve/maintain current operations. This advocacy and input group is only open to Tuscarawas County Special Olympics Athletes. 

School age advocacy groups receive supports through TuscBDD and are working toward empowering themselves for a future of fulfilled dreams and goals. Whether the topic is summer employment, post-graduation or navigating the teen years, there is always something new to learn. Advocacy provides a supportive place to explore the choices and responsibilities of becoming an adult. There are currently groups available at Buckeye Career Center and Tuscarawas Valley High School. 

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For more information or for questions about TCAC or school age advocacy, please contact the Community Connections Specialist by phone at 330.339.9769. or by email at

For additional information regarding Special Olympics Input Council, please email the local coordinator at 

We advocate because:

“We want to be able to make our own decisions. We know our strengths and weaknesses. We want what everyone wants…to be happy, have a good life, have a family, and have friends."