Karam's mission is to grow happy, healthy and strong individuals through the teaching of transferable life skills such as discipline, respect and ultimately, a self-confidence that translates into better community inclusion and increased job development skills. We develop a Person Centered plan that includes weekly mini-milestones, bi-monthly goals, and 12 month goals aligned with the persons needs and wants. The Person Centered plan is developed based on the person's specific stage of development in order to challenge them to grow and develop more than any other program they have ever been involved with. Karam's very unique and balanced Life Skills Program has been engineered to include Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, and Social development (PIES) areas. Our teaching methods employ cross-lateral brain movements, through exercise, that cross the midline and acts to unify the cognitive and motor regions of the brain. This teaches the right and left hemispheres of the brain to work together, thereby making new connections that result in stronger, more cohesive learning. Our teaching techniques use "praise correct praise" methods to correct movements as well as a technique called "coaching individuals in the moment." This assists in creating a willingness to participate and enhances better learning. We provide weekly and daily summer camps as well as yearly memberships for youth (18 years and younger) and adults (18 years and older). We are an approved Medicaid waiver provider for I/O, LV1, and Self Waivers as well as the FSS Program. To learn more about Karam's and their programs, please contact them via the information provided.

Day Service Provider |


1127 Front Avenue SW
New Philadelphia, Ohio 44663

Phone: 330-339-9127
Contact Name: Matt Karam and Adam Karam
e-mail: karam@kmapro.com
provider website: www.kampro.com

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