Press Release - TuscBDD Honored National Disability Employment Awareness Month at Board Meeting

Thu, Oct 26th, 2017


TuscBDD Honored National Disability Employment Awareness Month at Board Meeting

New Philadelphia, October 26, 2017: At the October 2017 regularly scheduled board meeting for the Tuscarawas County Board of Developmental Disabilities (TuscBDD), people living with developmental disabilities that are employed locally as well as area agency providers and TuscBDD's Employment Navigator shared with the board about their employment experiences.

To kick-off the meeting, Kim Byrd read the TuscBDD Mission Statement followed with Sam Patterson reciting the Vision Statement. Next, Byrd described how her job at Dover Healthy Alternatives in Dover, Ohio has expanded her network of friends and community. "I just got a promotion to the deli counter about a week ago, and it is awesome to have that position," expressed Byrd. "My favorite part of the job is enjoying the people that I work with. All of my co-workers are lovely to be around." Byrd went on to share how her job has led her to increased independence. "Having a job is worthwhile because now I have my own apartment. I have lived in my own apartment for three years and can pay my bills." Byrd finished her speech by sharing a mantra that she often uses to remind herself of how strong she is on days that are less than desirable. "I am how old, and I've got this," asserted Byrd!

After Byrd finished telling her employment story, Kim Chaney, of Advocates for Success, an area agency provider, spoke about how she supports Byrd with services. "I help her to express any concerns or desires that she has, and I just back her in that," stated Chaney. "I also keep in constant communication with her, the store owner, and Kim's supervisor to make sure that things are going well for everyone because they all have to be happy."
Presentations concluded with an update from New Philadelphia Fire Department employee Cliff Jackson, Cliff's mother, and ,Randy Stull, a representative from the local provider agency, Stepping Stone.
This group along with Cliff Cunningham, a long time Taco Bell employee as well as Cassie Elvin and William Gordon from Starlight Enterprises Inc. shared their employment stories earlier this month at the New Philadelphia Rotary Club and will end the month with one more speaking engagement on October 31st at the Dover/New Philadelphia Kiwanis.

For those who are eligible and seeking community employment, TuscBDD seeks to connect them to the appropriate services needed to gain community employment. If you are an employer and would like to find out how you can get involved, please call TuscBDD's Employment Navigator, Lou Paris, at 330.308.7170. On-the-job coaching can be provided by area agency providers and is paid for by Medicaid, TuscBDD levy dollars, and various funding streams that are facilitated by TuscBDD, so there is no cost to the employer for supports!

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, Thu, Oct 26th, 2017