Meaningful Employment

by   |   Mon, Aug 24th, 2015

I can still remember my first job. It was definitely not my dream job by any stretch of the imagination, but the satisfaction and pride that came along with my first paycheck is a memory that I still cherish! Although some days we may wish we could just stay home, I believe many of us truly do value and appreciate our work. At a recent trip to the World of Possibilities Store, I experienced this universal sentiment.

A few Saturdays ago, my husband and I had the opportunity to visit A World of Possibilities (TuscBDD's new store near downtown New Philadelphia). As a shopper, I was immediately struck by the plethora of beautiful homemade items that lined the shelves of the new store. I was particularly drawn to a painting completed by an older gentleman served by TuscBDD. His painting beautifully displayed a bouquet of hydrangeas in full bloom. Additional items from necklaces to furniture filled the store.

As I continued shopping (much to my husband's chagrin!), I was able to meet the young woman from TuscBDD who was working at the store. I asked the young woman which item was her favorite. I was certain that she would mention a beautiful necklace or, perhaps, one of the decorative pens which were displayed on a desk; however, after pondering for a moment, she said, "I like working and earning a paycheck." I was struck by her response. Out of a room full of beautiful items, this young woman's favorite thing was her job. This is something I admittedly take for granted, but to this young woman this was essential.

Currently, the County Board system in Ohio is experiencing an unprecedented redesign process (I know you are probably sick of me speaking about this!). A key objective of this redesign is to increase appropriate opportunities for integrated/community-based employment. That being said, we do realize that this will not be the best option for everyone and individuals will not be required to participate in this type of employment. However, I do believe we owe it to the individuals we serve to provide more choices for vocational development, so that more citizens can experience the pride that comes with employment.

Thanks for reading!

- Stephanie

Mon, Aug 24th, 2015