Updates from Physical Therapy

by   |   Wed, Jun 3rd, 2015

Hello from Physical Therapy!!

What does PT do for the Tuscarawas County Board of DD?? We service students who need help being mobile achieve as much independence as possible so that they can access all the cool stuff that school has to offer!!
Early Intervention: (birth to 3 years old) Early Intervention physical therapy is done in the child's home environment. We coach and empower our parents to be their child's own physical therapist!! They are with them way more than we are ....so we help them know what they can do as part of their normal daily routines to help them achieve their wants/needs.

Preschool and School Age: These students attend our school and receive their therapy in the classroom. Some of our students can walk alone, some need the help of a walker or a wheelchair. Our goal at school is for all the students to be able to become as independent as possible.

Wed, Jun 3rd, 2015