Buckeye Career Center and TuscBDD Partner for TRACE U

Transition, Relationships and Community Employment are the key elements of TRACE U. "TRACE U is a one year transition to work program for 12th grade and level 23 students with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Participation in this program will increase employment and societal opportunities for qualified persons with disabilities by teaching job and work related skills that will help them become employed and active in the community. The students rotate through two different departments/tasks at each of the four work host sites as student interns. The overall goal of the program is to improve employment for people with disabilities.  

TRACE U is an innovative partnership between TuscBDD and the Buckeye Career Center. This is a natural alliance that serves the mission of both entities. BCC's mission is to prepare youth and adults to make informed career choices and to successfully enter, compete and advance in the changing world of work. This will be achieved by education and the business community offering comprehensive education, training, and support services that develop occupational skills, academic skills, and employability skills. TuscBDD's mission is to enhance the lives of individuals with disabilities through quality services and community partnership (such as the one with BCC). This partnership is not new. TuscBDD and BCC had been partners for several years on another project with similar goals, Project SEARCH. TRACE U is the next generation approach to providing a more customized local approach to achieving similar outcomes for eligible students.

Trace U photo

L-R back row: Mr. Brookins, TRACE U instructor, Brandan Hall from Dover, Eric Kandel from Hiland, Sebastian Davis from Strasburg, Brandon Hall from Carrollton, and Heather Gordon TuscBDD Job Trainer

L-R front row: Grant Reilly from Dover, Allison Roth from Dover, Ericson Farnsworth from New Philadelphia