Preschool and School-age students ages 3 through 21 are placed at Starlight by their Local School District of Residence (LSDR) through an Individual Education Planning (IEP) Team after determining this to be the least restrictive environment (LRE). Only students with multiple issues, needing a smaller student to staff ratio, support from therapists, as well as a modified curriculum attend Starlight School. During the Preschool years (ages 3 and 4), students are introduced to structure and routines; basis preschool skills such as shapes, letters, numbers, etc; work on independent skills of dressing, feeding, and toileting; as well as social skills of learning to share, play with others, take turns, follow directions, etc. Preschool students attend four (4) full days a week with the fifth day used for teachers to make home visits to complete necessary paperwork and/or transfer skills from one environment to another. "Typically developing" students also attend to serve as "role models". Students turning five (5), either transition to their home school district or remain at Starlight for additional work on the necessary basic skills needed to move on.

School-age students ages 5 through 21 are provided educational services in one of four (4) classroom settings.

Specially designed program to meet the varying needs of children with significant disabilities and also provides a fully accredited preschool for a number of typically developing peers.

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