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Doing business for over 40 years serving people with disabilities. Helping to put people to work!

We believe in people working in their community.We believe in greater opportunities to increase incomes, advance careers, and promote choice.We believe in working with employers to partner for job opportunities.

Employment First Kickoff Event:

Governor John Kasich officially launched Ohio's Employment First Initiative when he signed Executive Order 2012-05K on March 19, 2012. The Executive Order established statewide collaboration and coordination by creating the Employment First Taskforce and Advisory Committee and made community employment the preferred outcome for individuals with developmental disabilities.

On September 10, 2013 TuscBDD hosted a local Kick Off Event for this initiative. Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) Director John Martin and Ohio Rehabilitation Services Commission (ORSC) Director Kevin Miller spoke at the event along with District 98 Representative Al Landis, Steve Oster, superintendent of Knox and Coshocton County Boards of Developmental Disabilities and the former TuscBDD Superintendent Natalie Lupi – all sharing information about the initiative and the value of work. Coshocton, Knox and Tuscarawas counties have formed a multi-county professional leadership team to promote and develop Employment First locally.

Employment First Benefits Everyone. Businesses will gain valuable, trained employees. Individuals will have opportunities to use their unique skills and abilities to contribute to their employer and their community. Employment First promotes independence and employment, and these programs will decrease dependency on public funding, which will benefit the entire community. Independence was a prevailing theme for all speakers.

Learn more at www.ohioemploymentfirst.org

Read the Employment First FAQ Sheet here.

Watch a video on Employment First here


Independence was founded in 1983 to provide vocational service options to individuals with disabilities and supporting them through their employment experiences.

Independence works with employers to help fill their employee needs by placing individual candidates in jobs in the community and supporting them through every step of the employment process.

Job coaching services include:

  • Job Assessments: Assessing the skill levels to determine what job training may be needed
  • Job Coaching: Training of the skills needed to perform the task/job
  • Job Placement: Placing individuals in jobs that fit and match their vocational abilities.
  • Job Follow Along: Follow along support provided on an as needed basis for the duration of employment.

Community Employment

  • Each individual has the opportunity to pursue community employment
  • Assessments of job skill levels can be done by a job coach as they guide individuals through the employment process

Individuals have options to choose to be trained in an area of their interest, one of our janitorial areas, or assessed at a community work site through Vocational Rehabilitation Public and Private Partners (VRP3) or the Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation (BVR).

For Information about Independence, Job coacihng and community employment call 330-339-9683.

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