Tuscarawas County Advocates Council

Supporting Each Other to Support Ourselves

TuscBDD welcomes the  self advocacy group Tuscarawas County Advocates Council. The group consists of individuals with a variety of abilities and formed to meet a need to empower individuals to become more independent. The group consists of individuals who receive supports from a number of residential and day providers who want to become more intensively involved in their community.

The Power of Words

Individuals with disabilities were recently asked about "words." What are some words that you like or that make you feel good? What are some words that you don't like to hear people say to you or words that hurt you? These are some of their answers:

Words I like to hear when people are talking to me or about me. Words that make me feel good.

  • Good Job
  • Friend
  • Fun
  • Saying that I am caring/ kind
  • Beautiful
  • Smart
  • We respect you
  • We love you.
  • Good job

Words that I don't like to hear people say about me. Words that hurt me.

  • Dumb/Stupid
  • Saying I'm ugly/bad/fat/lazy
  • I am not your friend/You don't have any friends
  • Mean words
  • I hate you
  • Saying I'm crazy
  • Calling me names
  • Making fun of me

For more information or for questions, email us at advocates@tuscbdd.org .

Advocacy Council

The Tuscarawas County Advocates Council will NOT be having a meeting in the month of December.  All of the members would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

The next scheduled meeting will be held on Wednesday January 17, 2019 from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm at the SSC building located at 610 Commercial Ave. SW New Philadelphia.  Bring your lunch along and join us for fun with your friends and a guest speaker.  See you there!   

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