What is Person Centered Thinking?

The Learning Community, one of the world's leaders in Person Centered Thinking and planning,explains Person Centered Thinking as follows:

For people being supported by services, it is not person centered planning that matters as much as person centered thinking.  If people who use services are to have positive control over their lives, if they are to have self-directed lives within their own communities then those who are around the person, especially those who do the day to day work, need to have person centered thinking skills.

Only a small percentage of people need to know how to write good person centered plans (such as a person's provider and service facilitator), but everyone involved needs to have good skills in person centered thinking, in the value based skills that underlie the planning

So why Person Centered Thinking? 

  • It is more likely that plans will be used and acted on.
  • It is more likely that the lives of people who use services will improve.
  • You will have a number of ways to get plans started.
  • Updating the plans will occur "naturally", needing less effort and time.
  • Relationships are developed. You get to know the person (Discovery).
  • It gives us a way of acting on what is learned in the Discovery Process.
  • Decisions are a balance of what's important to a person and what others feel is important for a person.